I Have Small Genital Warts. What Should I Do?

I just received a letter from a young lady asking for advice. In this letter the young lady stated that she had found a few small genital warts on her outer vaginal lips and she was not to sure what to do.

She felt that because the warts were small that perhaps she could just leave them and see if they would go away on their own accord. Her reasons for this were that she did not want to admit to her family doctor that she had gotten genital warts. She was very embarrassed about the warts and felt dirty and ashamed that she had gotten them. She had also heard that treating genital warts is very painful and she was too afraid to have to go through the pain.

I can definitely see where she is coming from and understand all of her reasoning but my immediate advice is to seek treatment as soon as you realize that you have genital warts. It does not matter how big or small they are. The sooner you treat the warts, the less chance that you have that they will grow, spread and multiply.

I have seen many cases where people find that they have a few small warts and by the time they eventually decide to seek treatment, the warts have grown from a few small one to a lot of large ones. An outcome that could have easily been avoided. It is a lot harder to treat the warts when they have grown and multiplied and spread to other areas.

It has also been shown that treatment of genital warts also may reduce the persistence of HPV DNA in genital tissue, and therefore may reduce infectivity. Meaning that the virus can be forced into dormancy, it will not cause more warts to grow and it decreases the chances that you will pass it on to your sexual partners.

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I gave the young lady above a copy of “Annihilate Genital Warts” and I told her that using the methods in the guide, she could remove her small genital warts from the privacy of her home with out having to endure the embarrassment of a doctors appointment. The methods are also relatively pain free compared to the ones they use in a doctors office.

Do you want a copy too? You can get it here: http://wartsgenital.net or just click on this link:

Annihilate Genital Warts

If you have noticed that you have a few small warts

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