The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

If you have genital warts and you are going to treat them, I will bet that you want to know the most effective way to get rid of genital warts so that you are not putting your self through unnecessary pain and wasting your time.

Here are a list of treatment options ranging from most effective to least effective:

1. Annihilate Genital Warts Natural Treatment

2. Cryotherapy

3. TCA treamtent by your doctor

4. Condylox/Podofilox

5. Podophyllin Resin

6. Surgical Removal

7. Aldara/Imiquimod

Most of these treatments are painful and there is always a chance that the warts can grow back.

The most effective treatment with the fewest side effects and the lowest chance for wart recurrence can be found here—–>Naturally Dissolve Genital Warts

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