The Best Genital Wart Removal Method

There are multiple genital warts removal methods. Some of these methods are more effective than others in the removal of genital warts.

Treatment Options For Genital Warts:

1. Topical treatments: This is when a gel or a cream is applied to the wart either by yourself or your doctor. The gel/cream breaks down and dissolves the wart. Names of these medications that you may hear are Aldara (at home- up to 4 mths to be effective), Condylox (at home-+1month to be effective) or Podophyllin (requires frequent trips to the doctors office). These methods can take along time to be effective.

2. Cryosurgery: This is when your doctor applies a freezing agent to the warts on your genital area and the wart is frozen off. This method is painful but the wart usually disappears within a few days. There is a high chance that the wart will return within a short amount of time.

3. Electrocautery: Using this method, you are effectively burning your warts off. This method is also painful yet it is effective. The main downside to this type of treatment, is that the warts will often return a few time so multiple treatments will be required.

4. Tricloroacetic Acid: This is an acid that causes the cells of the warts to destruct and disappear. This is one of the most effective methods.

All of the above are ways that a doctor may remove warts from you, or instruct your to on your own. These methods all range from $200-$300 per appointment. The above methods are for mild to moderate cases of genital warts.

If you have a more sever case of genital warts you may have to consider:

5. Surgical Removal: Your doctor will surgically remove your warts. This method may cause scarring, but you can be wart-free within one appointment.

6.  Laser Treatment: Laser treatment may be useful in HIV-infected patients who have very large external genital warts or severe local symptoms.

Wart size, number, location and shape will all have an effect on the decision of how your genital warts will be removed.


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